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Bill Rogers Youth Foundation

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29th June , 2016

Sports for Change
"Never Let a Talent Go to Waste"

Bill Rogers Youth Foundation is a 501 c (3) Nonprofit Organization

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) provides youths in all sectors of the Liberian society, from the schools to the local community, with life-changing sports activities and facilities that offer them the opportunity to discover and develop their natural athletic talents to positively impact our world. The big idea is to develop them to become useful and productive citizens of the world so that they become role-models and mentors to the next generation. We help young people discover hidden talents that they may have never known they had. BRYF strives to use these talents to change their own lives and the lives of others.

In the process of implementing this all-important program, we realize that by changing the lives of these young people, we are giving them the opportunity to be relevant in our hurting world while we are also challenging ourselves alongside them.

Our Concentrated Sports Programs for Liberia include the following:

Track and Field


We live in different times from the previous generation. Gone are the days when the ambassadors and heroes of a nation used to be its traditional rulers, local political figures or career diplomats. Whilst these offices have not been rendered extinct, their pace in the affection and admiration of the public (both domestic and international) has been taken by men and women of an entirely different character: sports stars, business people, musical artists, actors/actresses, and other forms of entertainers. These are the people who are admired and who inspire – men and women who whose influence transcends race or color; creed or gender. They are the new prophets; whose words and actions are often analyzed and imitated by the public to a much greater degree than that of those they have constitutionally elected or appointed to lead them. Rightly or wrongly, it is a fact that these people hold the power to motivate or inspire; to influence or to lead.

Role of Bill Rogers Youth Foundation in Liberia

Bill Rogers Youth Foundation has a unique and focused mission in Liberia:
To create national icons and heroes for Liberia by facilitating the discovery and development of genuine talents in the country (primarily in sports, but also in other legitimate professional pursuits such as arts and culture and business entrepreneurship).

Our mission is based on our unwavering conviction that every individual has been endowed with unique gifts by God for socially profitable purposes.

Our goal is, therefore, to contribute to the systematic harnessing of such potential in Liberia in order to economically empower and ever increasing sphere of the populace whilst establishing socially responsible values that can constitute a firm foundation for national transformation and development.

Our strategy is to promote diverse activities (such as competitions) in the arena of sports (and other areas) that would facilitate the identification of men and women with genuine talents of world class caliber who require some form of assistance to establish themselves firmly on the path of professional excellence and economic empowerment.

We are creating awareness about the significance of educating youths, both boys and girls.

Mobilizing youths in various communities through capacity building in fighting poverty.

Providing scholarship opportunities.

Athletics is only a tool to teach them discipline and the importance of education in helping them be change agents in making a better world.

Bill Rogers Youth Foundation will leverage on its network of international contacts to explore available sources of assistance that would enable selected individuals further develop their unique gifts, attain competitive international standards, and access commercially profitable opportunities.

Bill Rogers Youth Foundation will also hold regular seminars and lectures with the aim of imparting socially responsible values such as integrity, hard work, patriotism, prudence, and charity to target groups, to ensure that Liberia and the wider society are well positioned to reap the maximum benefits of any eventual professional success achieved by the selected individuals.

How We Do It:

Our goal is to build a safe and quiet home of love for our less-privileged athletes to live in that will allow us to nourish their raw talents. Once this project is complete we will:

Search for young students with natural talent across the country of Liberia in local schools, villages, and communities.
Solicit and provide professional training and gear to our young athletes. We provide them with expertise, educational scholarships, and exposure to the outside world to showcase their incredible talents.
Help our young athletes become faithful stewards of the resources obtained from maximizing their talents by guiding them in making wise financial investments, developing their successors and giving back to society in general.

Our Values:

God First: Honoring God by serving His people.
Integrity: Teaching honesty by demonstrating high integrity in everything we do. We never compromise under the pressures of the day.
Hard Work: As leaders and mentors we work hard to break the power of poverty over our own lives first and instill such principle into the lives of our youth.
Excellence: To live and serve humanity with excellence in everything we do and say. Help our young athletes to keep and practice excellence as their watch word in life.
Giving Back: Practicing the law of reciprocation by investing into the next generation.


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